Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling Resources

To find information on homeschooling in Kentucky please check out these links and information:


Ky Home Education Association full of useful information for new and experienced homeschool families.

Information on KY state Laws for homeschooling:

Stay Informed and Know your Rights!

Some general information links about homeschooling:
Homeschool Marketplace (used to be Elijah Co) has posted a four part series in their newsletter archives called Choosing Teaching Materials that includes one of the best overviews of common teaching approaches:
     1. 10 Rules of Thumb
     2. Determining How Your Child Learns Best
     3. Common Teaching Approaches
     4. Developing an Educational Philosophy

Homeschoolreviews posts user comments and reviews of almost every program and curriculum
Donna Young's printable resources for homeschoolers: