Sample Letter of Intent

Sample Letters of IntentCool

You may copy and paste and fill in your information as needed. 


Director of Pupil Personnel
Your County Schools
123 Their St.
Our Town, KY 00000

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is to inform you that we will be homeschooling our children during the 2004-2005 academic school year. Below is a list of our school age children and information about our school.

Name Age

1. Whitney Jones 14
2. Kenneth Jones 12
3. Mackenzie Jones 10
4. Graham Jones 8

School will take place in our home.

Names of Parents/Teachers:

John and Jane Jones
123 Our Street
Our Town, KY 00000


John Jones
Jane Jones


It is best to send this letter via certified mail, preferably 10 days before school begins and no later than 2 weeks after the beginning of the school year. It is acceptable to send the letter later in the school year if you start to home school mid-year or if you move into the area mid-term. In any case, be prompt.

*****Remember, do not send additional information like test scores, course work outlines, etc . The law does not require you to send any more than your child’s name and age. It is better not to volunteer too much information. However, if you are withdrawing your child mid-term from a public school, you may want to enclose your phone number. Sometimes the local school district will follow up on these withdrawls. If you give them your phone number, they won’t have to show up on your doorstep.